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The other temple details are as given below: Moolavar : Sathyagiri nathan, Sathyamurthy Ninna Thirukolam - Facing east Uthsavar : Maiyappan Thayar : Vuyaiavantha Nachchiar Theertham : Kathamba pushkarni, Sathya theertham Vimanam : Sathyagiri Vimanam Prathyaksham : Sathya devathaigal Mangalasasanam : Thirumangai alwar ( 9 pasurams) Archagars : Location : Pudhukotai to Karaikudi rly line This article on Twara Balagas (Dwara Palakas) of Thirumaiyam contributed by Mr. Sundararajan, Researcher, Mutharaya Cholar Research Center, Thanjavur.

The elder brother Kuvavan honoured his younger brother for his love and faithful services by installing his statue along with him as Dwara Palaka in Thirumaiyam temple in Pudukottai Temple.

The younger brother was serving his elder brother faithfully by staying with him.

The elder brother Kuvavan was only crowned as king at Thanjavur in Tamilnadu.

At that time his father was on the seat of power in Renadu.

That is why the Dwara Palaka on left entrace is seen without crown.

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Muthurajas = Tamil Cholas = Telugu Chodas = Balijas = Bunts / Bants : Punyakumara was a Telugu Cola king in the region of Rayalaseema ( Renadu ). This indicates that the Mudiraj caste people are one of the original people of Andhra Pradesh with Telugu / Tenugu as mother tongue and spread all over India to be identified with different names.

It could be possible that this Durjaya Raju of Cuddapah of 6th century in some way or other related to Erikal Mutturaju of Cuddapah of 6th century.

It is of interest to note that many of the dynasties that began to rise to power during this period, like the Kakatiyas, Kondapadumatis, and Velanati Colas, openly claim their descent from one Durjaya of the caturtha kula (the fourth caste, i.e. Incidentally, this Durjaya is identified with Durjaya-Raju figuring in a sixth century inscription from Cuddapah District.

tenugu naadu = telangaana TELUGU INSCRIPTIONS ON TEMPLE ROCKS : (i) Channarayanapalli, SII 10:no. In many places similar viragals are seen, but without inscriptions.

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TELANGAANA region of Andhra Pradesh most probably got its name from these very native people of Mudiraj and Mudiraja kings, whose spoken, political and administrative language was TENUGU (TELUGU) during medieval / feudal times. One of the titles of the Perumpidugu Muttaraiyar was Lord of Tanjore.

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